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ACI Announce Landmark Safety Study Consortium as Regulator Clarifies Toxicology Requirements for Novel Foods | List of Members

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The ACI is committed to the development of a legal, safe and regulated CBD market. A fundamental aspect of achieving this is ensuring that consumers have confidence in our products.

The key benchmarks for this are how many people express confidence in the efficacy of our products, and how many would be more likely to do so if there was better regulation.

In that context, the findings from our YouGov survey* are truly illuminating: they are a vindication of why we set up the ACI, launched the ACI charter and committed our members to working towards full novel foods authorisation and standardisation of analytical testing methodologies.

* Methodology: This survey has been conducted using an online interview administered to members of the YouGov Plc UK panel of 800,000+ individuals who have agreed to take part in surveys. Read More

26 Oct, 2020

ACI Statement on ACNFP’s CBD Clarifications

The ACI welcomes the recent clarifications from The Advisory Council for Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP) relating to the data requirements for CBD novel foods applications. The ACNFP, who are an advisory committee to the FSA, highlighted the following key points, which emphasise the importance of ACI’s consortium approach to generating this data.

25 Sep, 2020

ACI Announce Landmark Safety Study Consortium as Regulator Clarifies Toxicology Requirements for Novel Foods

Today the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI), in partnership with Advanced Development and Safety Laboratory (ADSL), is announcing the launch of a landmark study with a consortium of CBD companies who are together committed to building a sustainable, safe and fully compliant industry in the UK.

24 Sep, 2020

ACI Welcomes FSA’s Guidance on CBD Novel Foods Application Requirements

The ACI today welcomes the guidance issued by the Food Standards Agency today which fully validates our consortium approach to generating toxicology safety study data for novel foods applications for CBD in line with the requirements of the Government Committee on Toxicity.

14 Oct, 2020

[Hemp Industry Daily] UK’s CBD market scrambles to prepare for March novel food deadline

Starting April 1 2021, no CBD product on the U.K. market will be allowed to stay there without validation by food-safety authorities. Hemp Industry Daily takes a look at the readiness of the industry.

28 Sep, 2020

[Analytical Cannabis] The ACI Adds 16 CBD Companies to Its CBD Toxicity Trial

Sixteen CBD companies have signed up to a UK trial that will help determine the toxicity and safety of the popular cannabis compound.

The study, which has been organized by the UK’s Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI), will involve 90-day-long tests on rodents to assess how CBD affects the liver, if it promotes drowsiness, and how it may interact with other drugs.

26 Sep, 2020

[Hemp Today] British CBD group says it may spend up to €1 million on tests

A British trade group says it has formed a consortium that may spend up to £1million (€1 million; $1.27 million) to carry out trials aimed at demonstrating the safety of CBD. The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) said the research intends to answer questions posed by the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA).

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