26 Jan, 2021

ACI in Ongoing Discussions with European Commission Relating to Novel Foods

With the European Commission (EC) stating that they will begin assessing novel food dossiers on CBD again, ACI started 2021 by engaging the EC in constructive dialogue regarding our consortium approach to novel food applications.

11 Jan, 2021

[Video] CBD 2021: The UK Opportunity

On 31 March 2021, guidelines set by the UK Foods Standards Agency (FSA) will come into effect and transform the CBD market, which is projected to be worth £1billion by 2025. In this 9 minutes long video you will learn from the experts in this space.

21 Dec, 2020

Food Standards Scotland Clarifies Their CBD Position to ACI and Our Members

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) clarified their position in relation to CBD in food products to the ACI. They emphasised, from a legal perspective, ingredients which are classified as novel foods are not permissible on the market until they have a full novel foods authorisation. However, they support a proportionate response by local authorities based on a companies commitment to gaining novel foods authorisation.

10 Dec, 2020

Over 200 global delegates attend ACI’s ‘CBD 2021: The UK Opportunity’ end of year event

The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) finished 2020 on a high note with over 200 delegates from around the world attending our virtual event “CBD 2021: The UK Opportunity” which took place on Wednesday 9 December.

19 Nov, 2020

ACI Welcomes CJEU CBD Ruling

The ACI welcomes today’s ruling from the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) which marks a landmark day for the CBD industry.

19 Nov, 2020

ACI Meets Demand For Novel Foods Advice By Strengthening Regulatory Consultancy Team

The ACI is pleased to announce an additional new hire to enable us to meet the demand from CBD companies seeking guidance from our Regulatory Consultancy Team to finalise their novel foods applications.

8 Nov, 2020

It’s ACI’s Birthday – Here’s A Look At What We’ve Achieved In Our First Year

A year ago, the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) was launched by a group of cannabinoid enthusiasts and experts. Here’s a few highlights, of the many significant achievements, we have made within the cannabinoid space in our first year.

26 Oct, 2020

ACI Statement on ACNFP’s CBD Clarifications

The ACI welcomes the recent clarifications from The Advisory Council for Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP) relating to the data requirements for CBD novel foods applications. The ACNFP, who are an advisory committee to the FSA, highlighted the following key points, which emphasise the importance of ACI’s consortium approach to generating this data.

25 Sep, 2020

ACI Announce Landmark Safety Study Consortium as Regulator Clarifies Toxicology Requirements for Novel Foods

Today the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI), in partnership with Advanced Development and Safety Laboratory (ADSL), is announcing the launch of a landmark study with a consortium of CBD companies who are together committed to building a sustainable, safe and fully compliant industry in the UK.

24 Sep, 2020

ACI Welcomes FSA’s Guidance on CBD Novel Foods Application Requirements

The ACI today welcomes the guidance issued by the Food Standards Agency today which fully validates our consortium approach to generating toxicology safety study data for novel foods applications for CBD in line with the requirements of the Government Committee on Toxicity.

21 Sep, 2020

Critical novel foods update: FSA Confirms that Valid CBD Novel Foods Applications Must Include Toxicology Safety Study Data

With just 6 months remaining, for CBD companies to have a valid novel foods application for each of their products, the ACI has received confirmation from the FSA that these dossiers must include toxicology safety study data and literature-based information is not sufficient.

24 Aug, 2020

ACI Announces “The Future of CBD in Grocery” Webinar in Partnership with The Grocer

The ACI will host their latest in a series of webinars on 22 September, in conjunction with the UK’s leading magazine for the FMCG industry, The Grocer and one of North America’s most established cannabis companies, Columbia Care.

7 Jul, 2020

The ACI to Partner with VOXPO for B2C and B2B CBD Event

The ACI will host a series of panels at the upcoming VOXPO virtual event which runs from July 31 to August 2. The ACI are educational partners for the event and our panels will discuss issues relevant to CBD companies and consumers.

19 Jun, 2020

The ACI Responds to Global Regulatory Calls for Evidence of CBD Safety by Launching Study Consortium

The ACI today announces it will spearhead a CBD Safety Study Consortium to generate data to assess the safety of CBD. This move is in response to calls from regulators around the world who are highlighting the lack of evidence relating to the safety of CBD.

17 Jun, 2020

ACI Bolsters Regulatory and Compliance Unit To Support UK CBD Industry

The ACI today welcomes five new hires to bolster our Regulatory and Compliance Unit. The unit, headed up by Dr Parveen Bhatarah, provides regulatory and compliance support to members of The ACI.

20 May, 2020

FSA Clarifies ACI Questions Concerning CBD Novel Foods Applications

The ACI have received clarification from the FSA on several points concerning novel foods dossier applications that have been raised by our members.

14 May, 2020

The ACI Lays the Foundation for the Harmonisation of Cannabinoid Testing

The ACI announces high-level discussions with the Laboratory of Government Chemists (LGC) that will focus on the development of a cannabinoid testing methodology with a higher precision control, an essential step towards standardisation for the industry.

12 May, 2020

The ACI Announces CBD Novel Foods Symposium

2pm BST, Wednesday 27 May 2020

With the new novel foods regulation deadline looming this event will provide a unique opportunity to listen and engage with representatives of the UK’s regulator the Foods Standards Agency as well as industry experts from trading standards, toxicology, and the analytical testing and legal worlds.

4 May, 2020

The ACI Launches Free 0800 Helpline for CBD Companies

The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry today launched a free helpline for CBD companies wanting to continue operations in the UK after the FSA’s deadline of 31 March 2021.

1 May, 2020

Novel Foods CBD Dossier Timeline

The purpose of this timeline is to highlight the importance that CBD companies must start the process of Novel Foods applications now in order to avoid disruption in their distribution channels when FSA regulations come into force. We include the data required in a Novel Foods dossier followed by an estimate of time to produce this data.

27 Apr, 2020

Academic Paper: An Analysis of Over-the-Counter Cannabidiol Products in the United Kingdom

The ACI is pleased to announce the publication of the peer-reviewed academic paper entitled “An Analysis of Over-the-Counter Cannabidiol Products in the United Kingdom”. Two of the paper’s authors are part of the team of experts forming The ACI, Professor Saoirse O’Sullivan and Dr Andy Yates. “In this independent study, we blind tested over the […]

21 Apr, 2020

The ACI Announces First Member to Submit Novel Foods CBD Dossier

The ACI congratulate Mile High Labs on the submission of their CBD Novel Foods dossier to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA).

20 Apr, 2020

FSA Confirms No Plans To Extend 31 March 2021 Deadline for CBD Companies

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) confirmed last week, in a virtual meeting with the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (The ACI), that they intend to stick to their deadline of 31 March 2021 for CBD companies to have a validated Novel Foods application.

31 Mar, 2020

The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry Launches New CBD Safety Certification Initiative

The ACI today outlined new plans for The ACI Safety Certification programme. Launched exactly one year before the FSA’s new safety regulations come into force, which excludes all CBD food products from sale in the UK without a validated Novel Foods application dossier.

12 Mar, 2020

Statement from ACI founder Steve Moore

It has been quite a start to 2020 across our sector, with significant regulatory developments in both the medicinal cannabis and the CBD wellness space.

However, right now we all have to adapt to a new world and the unprecedented challenge a global pandemic presents us all.

11 Mar, 2020

New Poll Finds Overwhelming Public Support For FSA CBD Regulation

A new YouGov poll commissioned by The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry demonstrates overwhelming support for recent FSA guidance concerning CBD

14 Feb, 2020

ACI Regulatory and Compliance Lead Dr Parveen Bhatarah Responds to Questions Relating to FSA CBD Guidelines

In the aftermath of the FSA’s announcement relating to CBD regulation and precautionary health advice, the ACI’s Regulatory Lead, Dr Parveen Bhatarah, has compiled the following answers to some of the common questions being posed to the ACI.  Please note: We are also in the process of compiling a more indepth FAQ which we will […]

13 Feb, 2020

FSA Provides Clear Regulatory Guidance for the UK CBD Industry

The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) today welcomes the new regulatory and precautionary advice published by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

16 Jan, 2020

ACI Statement on BBC Two’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor CBD Testing Results

On the 15th January BBC Two aired a segment on their popular science show Trust Me I’m a Doctor which investigated twelve popular CBD products available in the UK over the counter and online.

19 Dec, 2019

Response from the ACI on the speculation on Article 4 concerning FSA’s stance on Novel Foods

Article 4 is a specific provision which allows companies to consult with competent authorities (e.g. The UK FSA) to establish if the product they wish to sell on the market is in fact novel.

11 Dec, 2019

ACI Respond to NPA Statement in CBD Regulation

Steve Moore, ACI Strategic Counsel has today responded to the National Pharmacy Association’s advisory statement regarding CBD products in pharmacies with the following statement:

10 Dec, 2019

ACI to Commence Novels Foods Applications for our Members

Deadline for acknowledgement of engagement from ACI members in the Novel Foods application process set to 20 December. This is the first major step towards a fully-compliant CBD industry in the UK.

3 Dec, 2019

Association for the Cannabinoid Industry announced as a Diamond Sponsor at The Grocer’s inaugural CBD Global Summit in spring 2020

The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) is delighted to announce its partnership with The Grocer as a diamond sponsor for the publication’s first ever CBD Global Summit on the 16th-17th March 2020.

3 Dec, 2019

ACI Announces New Onboarding Process

Following the successful launch of the ACI in November 2019, the ACI has announced plans to host evening briefing sessions for prospective new members.

20 Nov, 2019

Fresh data revealed at launch of the ACI shows lack of regulation is barrier to consumer trust in the industry

Friday 8th November saw the launch of a ground-breaking new industry body to foster a legally compliant, socially responsible and innovative cannabinoid industry – The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI).